Sometimes we lose important papers in a disaster, sometimes we lose them when we move and sometimes we just plain lose them. Here is a list of commonly lost documents and how to get replacements.

Birth and Death Certificates –  Visit your county’s Vital Statistics Office or go to go to here.

Marriage Certificates and dissolution certificates – Contact your local county office or access your county’s website by visiting here.

Drivers licenses and vehicle registration – Visit any Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles office with an acceptable ID and proof of address

Passports – Complete form DS-64 from here.

Military Records – Request Standard Form 180 from any office of the Veterans Administration, American Legion or Red Cross. You can download the form here

Mortgage Papers – Contact your lending institution

Property Deeds – Contact the County Recorder’s Office Insurance Policies Contact the company or your local agent

Social Security Cards – Go to any Social Security Administration Office Locate the nearest office through here.

Tax Return Transcripts – Contact the nearest Treasury Department or IRS office to request form 4506. Your local IRS office can be found here.

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