What would happen to your family’s lifestyle and future if an unfortunate event, such as fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, theft, or lawsuit destroyed your business and you lost your income?

Without your income, what kind of financial hardships would your family have to face?

How would you pay your mortgage, your car payments, and your other expenses?

Like some business owners, would you lose your business, as well as your home, your car, your life savings, your retirement savings, your investments, and have to start all over from scratch?

Imagine losing the company you’ve been working all your life to build just because one unfortunate event happens to it, such as a fire, an earthquake, a flood, a hurricane, an accident, a crime, a lawsuit, a disability, or death.

Unfortunately, for some disasters (such as disability and death) the event doesn’t even have to occur to you personally in order for you to suffer huge financial hardships. It can just happen to your partner or your #1 employee.

Ask yourself this question:

Would my business survive if my partner or key employee can no longer work for one year or forever because of death or disability?

Well, even though these thoughts are very frightening, as a business owner, you’re being exposed to countless risks that could wipe out your business, your income, and your family’s dreams… overnight.

You’ve probably read or heard stories about entrepreneurs who even had to declare both business and personal bankruptcy because one disaster struck their business, haven’t you?

Perhaps you even know a business owner who had gone through or is going through the same thing right now.

If so, you’ve probably hoped (and even prayed) such a heartbreaking event would never happen to you, right?

Sadly, this painful situation takes place for more business owners than you can possibly imagine.

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