Picture this scene…

While driving home from visiting a friend one Saturday night, Bob and Janet Larsen heard on the radio there had been a fire in their neighborhood just an hour earlier. Seven homes were totally destroyed.

The radio announcer said, “Although damage to the homes was one of the worst I’ve seen in years, I am very glad no one was injured or killed in the blaze.” And, at the end of her report, she mentioned the addresses of the houses that were destroyed by the fire.

When Bob and Janet heard their address, a shocking feeling rushed through their bodies. They nervously looked at each other, and then Janet said, “It can’t be our house! No, not our house!”

As Bob picked up his cell phone to call home, he realized the battery was dead. Maybe that explained why they haven’t heard from their nine-year old son, Brian, or their babysitter, Joan, or one of their neighbors.

After changing his cell phone’s battery, Bob dialed his home phone number, hoping Brian or Joan would answer.

When he didn’t hear the phone ring on the other end or their answering machine come on, he knew something was terribly wrong, and Janet sensed it, too. And, as their hearts started to beat faster and faster, a knot began forming in their stomachs.

Bob then called Joan’s house, which was located two blocks from his. And, as the phone began ringing, he said to himself, “Joan, please answer the phone. Please answer the phone.

First ring… no answer. Second ring… still no answer. Third ring… again, still no answer.

After the sixth ring, Bob and Janet became very worried. Their hearts now were beating so fast that they felt like they had just run their first New York City marathon. Their hands started to tremble and, a few moments later, the rest of their bodies began shaking as well.

Suddenly, just as Bob was about to hang up, a voice on the other end said, “Hello.”

Hello. Is this Joan?” Bob asked abruptly… while still trembling.

Yes,” Joan answered.

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