Imagine this scene…

One night, the telephone rang at the Anderson’s home, and Mrs. Anderson answered: “Hello.”

Hello, is this Mrs. Anderson?” the voice on the other end asked?

“Yes,” Mrs. Anderson replied.

Mrs. Anderson, my name is Jill Brown. I’m a nurse at the General Hospital. Your husband was involved in a car accident and was brought here a few minutes ago. Would you please come to the hospital right away?

Trembling, Mrs. Anderson asked nervously, “Is my husband all right?

I’m not sure, Mrs. Anderson. The doctors are treating him right now. Please come to the hospital and the doctors will explain his condition to you,” the nurse replied.

Okay. I’ll leave right away,” Mrs. Anderson mumbled and then hung up the phone.

When the children, Shawn, age 11, and Leslie, age 7, saw how scared their mother was, they asked her, “Mom, what’s wrong?

Daddy’s in the hospital. He got into a car accident while driving home from work. But, kids, don’t worry. I’m sure he’s all right. Maybe he got some scratches or, at the worst, a few broken bones. Although the nurse wouldn’t tell me how bad Daddy was hurt, I think he’ll be okay,” Mrs. Anderson said to her two young children, trying to comfort them.

While driving to the hospital, Mrs. Anderson’s heart started to beat faster and faster as she got closer to it. And unpleasant feelings were rushing through her body. Deep inside, she knew something was terribly wrong because the nurse wouldn’t tell her about her husband’s condition.

When Mrs. Anderson arrived at the hospital, she ran to the emergency room as fast as she possibly could. And, just when she was about to enter the emergency room, the door swung open and two doctors and three nurses came out. When she saw the sad expressions on all their faces, her heart started to beat even faster.

The head doctor looked sadly at Mrs. Anderson for a few seconds, and then whispered, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Anderson. There was nothing else we could have done.

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